Oct 052010
 October 5, 2010  Posted by  Featured News, Online

Dennis Fisher writes:

Microsoft is proposing a new Internet-wide security model, based on the concepts of public health, that is designed to address the problem of how to prevent infected machines from affecting the security and performance of PCs elsewhere on the Web. The model would require each PC to present a “health certificate” that outlines its security posture before it could connect to the Internet.


The Microsoft proposal raises a number of privacy concerns for consumers, especially in the area of how much information about the user and his PC the health certificate will carry. If it simply carries the state of the machine and its IP address, that’s one thing. But including additional data such as geographic location or information about the machine’s owner is much more problematic. Charney acknowledged these concerns in the position paper, saying that any final proposal must address the issue of privacy head on.

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