Dec 062013
 December 6, 2013  Posted by  Business, Surveillance

Doug Gross reports:

Still concerned about some faceless government bureaucrat peeking at your e-mails and other online communications? Well, you’ve got a new champion: Microsoft.

The computing giant has announced a set of new privacy features, in a post that specifically calls out “government snooping” as the reason.

Read more on CNN.

The Microsoft post has a peculiar statement, however about increasing legal protections for customers:

We also will take new steps to reinforce legal protections for our customers’ data. For example, we are committed to notifying business and government customers if we receive legal orders related to their data. Where a gag order attempts to prohibit us from doing this, we will challenge it in court….

Where is their commitment to notifying individual customers/users who are neither businesses or government customers, though? Don’t we deserve the same commitment?

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