Jan 072016
 January 7, 2016  Posted by  Business

Swati Khandelwal writes:

After several controversial data mining and privacy invasion features within Microsoft’s newest operating system, Microsoft continued convincing its users that Windows 10 is not spying on anyone and that the company is not collecting more data than it needs.

In addition, Microsoft also updated its privacy policy in order to clear how and when Windows 10 utilizes users’ data.

But wait, before you convinced yourself by this statement, just have a look on the milestones (listed below) that Microsoft recently announced, revealing that Windows 10 is now actively running on 200 Million devices.

Read more on The Hacker News. It’s not clear to me that these data are being stored as assigned to an individual or whether it’s just counts/aggregated data. As Martin Brinkmann writes:

The statistics indicate that Microsoft may be collecting more data than initially thought. While it is unclear what data is exactly collected, it is clear that the company is collecting information about the use of individual applications and programs on Windows at the very least.

The real question is how fine grained the data collecting actually is. For instance, is Windows 10 recording what users do in Edge or the actual questions that individual users ask Cortana?

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