Jun 062012
 June 6, 2012  Posted by  Breaches, Court

The Leon Walker case, involving hacking charges against a man for accessing his ex-wife’s emails on her computer, will proceed. Timothy Flynn writes:

The Michigan Supreme Court has rejected the interlocutory appeal from a man charged under Michigan’s “unauthorized computer access” statute for allegedly hacking into his former wife’s computer.

Leon Walker suspected his wife was having an affair. He was a computer technician for Oakland County, here in Michigan. Earlier in his marriage, he had gifted a computer to his wife and helped her set it up. Allegedly, he was able to gain access to her emails to locate proof of her ongoing affair.

Walker has challenged his prosecution in this case right out of the box. He moved to quash the information. When that was denied by Oakland Circuit Judge Martha Anderson, he appealed, twice, to the Court of Appeals.

This Order from the Michigan Supreme Court denies leave for further appeal.

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