Apr 212016
 April 21, 2016  Posted by  Business, Laws

Ari Scharg and David Mindell of Edelson PC write that a bill on the governor’s desk will erode Michigan residents’ privacy protections against data mining and nonconsensual sale of information that had been prohibited under Michigan’€™s Preservation of Personal Privacy Act.

So these companies started lobbying to eviscerate one of the nation’€™s best privacy laws. What they want is: (1) a free pass to sell your personal information to data miners without having to tell you or get your permission, and (2) to strip away the statutory damages remedy, thus virtually guaranteeing that you won’€™t ever enforce the law and, in turn, guaranteeing that the act (and your privacy rights) will be ignored.

And what they got is Senate Bill 490, sponsored by Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker, R-Lawton. It’€™s now on the governor’€™s desk.

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