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 September 13, 2010  Posted by  Surveillance, U.S.

Kim Kozlowski reports:

Flint’s public housing authority, in an effort to fight crime in the projects, is considering a requirement for all current and prospective residents to take a drug test to keep their federally subsidized apartments.

Flint Housing Commission Executive Rodney Slaughter said he wants a drug-testing program modeled after the city of Indianapolis, where public housing residents are required to take annual drug tests. If a resident tests positive, they would have 30 days to test negative or seek help.

Not surprisingly, the ACLU’s position is that such testing is unconstitutional.

Read more about Flint, Michigan’s civil liberties-busting idea in The Detroit News.

Over on John Wesley Hall reacts this way:

These utterly senseless public [dis]servants need to be drug tested because their stupidity about fundamental privacy law is stunning. Could drug use explain it? No. They must be the product of a failing school system in their states where they either slept through or cut class the day the Fourth Amendment was talked about.

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