Dec 252011
 December 25, 2011  Posted by  Misc

It’s Christmas morning here.

One of my kids came home from an overnight shift on the suicide hotline and we all gathered for our traditional Christmas breakfast before my other child headed out to the hospital to work a split shift today.  While he works, she sleeps. We will gather later again for Christmas dinner and to open some gifts before he goes back to the hospital, but I think I already got the best gifts of all: children who have good character, who see wrongs and try to right them, and who have chosen lives of service to others.

But in the glow of the day, I am reminded that there are so many people and places where there is no peace and not much to rejoice.

To the women of Egypt who have bravely risked their lives to protest their government:  you are my heroes.

To bloggers everywhere who risk the wrath of their governments and imprisonment to get the truth out about what is going on in the world:  you are my heroes.

And to all readers of and its companion blogs:  Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and peace.



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