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Tom Boggioni reports:

The wife of President-elect Donald Trump has retained a lawyer who is threatening a lawsuit against the creator of a YouTube video suggesting that her son has autism, reports TMZ.

According to the website, attorney Charles J. Harder is asking that the video, posted by James Hunter, be taken down and that Hunter issue an apology. In a letter from the attorney obtained by TMZ, Harder said that the video implies the 10-year old is autistic which the family insists is false.

The video was posted days after the election and suggests that the youngest Trump might be autistic based upon video clips of his actions.

Read more on Raw Story.

By now, you may have noticed that my first three news posts of today are not about major laws or international developments. They’re about the smaller invasions or disregard of privacy that have become part of the fabric of our everyday lives.

Whether it’s random drug-testing of students, posting a naked picture of someonemisusing your office to snoop on someone, or publicly questioning whether a child might have neurological issues, we need to remain vigilant and to speak up against such privacy-disrespectful practices.

I am not a fan of a litigious society, but I can certainly understand why a mother would want to take steps to stop this public discussion of her young child. What a shame that it might require this type of approach.

  One Response to “Melania Trump attorney threatens lawsuit over Barron autism video made popular by Rosie O’Donnell”

  1. Thank you for finding and posting this to the blog. Since I heard about this Autism/Rosie/bully video, (over the weekend actually) I have been wondering and even anxious waiting to see when the Trump family would rightfully respond to This.

    Listen , the father may have a lot of issues, but why does anyone need to pick on a 10 year old child? Plus, even worth mentioning, it wasn’t even her business to make remarks like that in the first place. Keep the children, regardless of reason out of the spotlight!

    And good for Melania for taking action!

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