Dec 272011
 December 27, 2011  Posted by  Business, Non-U.S., Surveillance

If you are concerned or outraged about how companies are providing surveillance technology to oppressive governments, you will definitely want to read Andy Greenberg’s article on Forbes.

Are those involved in Telecomix breaking any laws? Undoubtedly they are, and they do so at no small risk to themselves. But I think they deserve our profound gratitude for exposing the dark underbelly of government and corporate surveillance.

And just as the public rose up to send GoDaddy a message about its support for SOPA, the public needs to pay attention to the companies whose questionable sales are being exposed. We may not have as much influence over many of these companies who may have big government contracts or whose wares are not something most members of the public would buy, but there is still much we can do as a community that despises surveillance of dissenters and who embraces freedom of speech and thought.

Surveillance is the enemy of privacy and free speech.

More power to Telecomix.

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