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Oscobo is a UK-based search engine trying to appeal to the privacy-conscious folks who do not want to be tracked. From their privacy policy:

It’s pretty simple really. We are on your side. We will NOT store or mess around with your personal data.

What we don’t do…

We DO NOT store ANY data on our users:

NOT when you use our site.
NOT when you leave.
NOT when you type words in the search box.
NOT when you come back.

No cookies, No tracking, No IP, nuttin…., zip…, nada….

We DO NOT know WHO you are, WHERE you have been or where you are GOING and we certainly DO NOT compile any profiles.

  One Response to “Meet Oscobo, a new privacy-protective search engine”

  1. A word of advice, the UK government is one of the most intrusive governments in the world. Don’t think your internet searches and VPN are immune from government spying. On a side note, the UK gov’t. and the US gov’t. are tied at the hip and share EVERYTHING.

    I’d be wary or using any UK based search engine or VPN service.

    For more info. about how much the UK spies on EVERYONE read:

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