Sep 162012
 September 16, 2012  Posted by  Court

Courthouse News reports that a judge has refused to stay a decision of the full 7th Circuit that held that Palatine, Ill., may be violating privacy rights under the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act by using a ticketing policy that includes a lot of personal information on tickets left on car windshields.

The case had been brought by Jason Senne, and it’s one that this blog has been following since the initial lawsuit was filed two years ago. Apparently, the village of Palatine intends to ask SCOTUS to grant certiorari.

This is a great example, by the way, of how a single citizen can challenge the system. Of course, it takes time and money (even if you have the help of terrific pro bono attorneys), but every citizen can make a difference on privacy by critically examining and challenging the government when it seems to have unconstitutionally or illegally breached privacy.

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