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 May 3, 2015  Posted by  Business, Featured News, Non-U.S.

Ben Grubb reports:

Monday marks 688 days since I first asked Telstra for the metadata generated by my mobile phone – the same information it routinely gives law-enforcement and intelligence agencies without a warrant when investigating crime.

Monday also marks the start of Privacy Awareness Week 2015, which usually goes by each year without too much fuss and, to be quite frank, is a little boring. But this year’s Privacy Awareness Week is different.

You see, Monday also marks the day the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner has made public a landmark decision in relation to my battle with Telstra for access to my metadata.

Read more on The Sydney Morning Herald and read the decision.

  One Response to “Me and my metadata: How I beat Telstra after my 22-month legal battle”

  1. Amazing struggle. Amazing story.

    +1 for the win.
    +1 for fighting till the end. Many would have given up.

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