Sep 042009
 September 4, 2009  Posted by  Breaches, Court, Non-U.S., Workplace

No, this is not the case out of Arkansas involving McDonald’s and a cell phone, but another case, this out in Australia.

ANI reports:

Amanda Jane Murison, 21, of Runcorn in Brisbane’s south, was at a fast-food conference at a Hamilton Island resort in August last year, and she was sharing a room with a 48-year-old woman, also a McDonald’s manager.

But Brisbane District Court was told the older woman believed she had the room to herself and was sleeping naked on a bed when Murison returned late at night after drinking with other managers.

Crown prosecutor Patricia Castner said Murison claimed she thought the naked woman, who she did not know, looked “weird and funny” so she used her mobile phone to take a photograph of her.

Later that night, she showed the picture to two other McDonald’s managers at the resort and the next day over breakfast word spread of the photograph’s existence.

The court heard Murison handed her phone around to at least five people for viewing the photograph.

“[She said] people were asking to see it and she wanted to make friends,” Sydney Morning Herald quoted Castner as saying.


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