Jul 292009
 July 29, 2009  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Court

In a case that started last year, Cody Hayes, a former McDonald’s employee, has responded to McDonald’s complaint that if anyone uploaded Tina Sherman’s nude pictures to the internet, it was he.

According to a report in Northwest Arkansas News:

Hayes’ attorney, Steven Kay, wrote in the answer that “no factual basis has been plead to show that (Hayes) had any knowledge or participated in any action involving a misappropriation of the cell phone photos.” He asked that the complaint against Hayes be dismissed.

Phillip and Tina Sherman had sued McDonald’s Corp.; Matthews Management Co., which owns the McDonald’s franchise in Fayetteville; and Aaron Brummley, a manager at the restaurant over an incident in which the Sherman’s accidentally left his cell phone at the restaurant. When they had called, they had allegedly been assured that the cell phone would be held for them, but then nude photos of Tina Sherman, sent to her husband’s cell phone, showed up on the internet. McDonald’s, which had failed in its motion to get the complaint against it dismissed, had moved to have the employee named in the lawsuit.

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