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Some stories seem to go on and on. The 2008 News of the World‘s publication of video and pictures of formula F1 boss Max Mosley engaging in some sexual fantasy games that the paper referred to as a Nazi-themed orgy would have had most men running for cover and trying to stay out of the spotlight. Instead, Mosley went after NOTW and publications that he felt invaded his privacy and defamed him by suggesting it was Nazi-related. Now Andrew Laughlin reports that the case has moved to Germany:

Max Mosley, the former boss of Formula One, is suing Google over claims that the search engine is breaking German privacy laws by not taking down links to websites featuring a video of him at a ‘sex orgy’.

Mosley was not present at the state court in Hamburg today (September 28) when the hearing for his case was opened, reports The AP. It is unclear when a ruling will be made.

The German case against Google is said to be part of action Mosley is taking in 22 countries around the world.

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