Nov 222019
 November 22, 2019  Posted by  Surveillance, U.S.

Joe Cadillic writes that fare-skipping sweeps by Maryland Transit Police were just an excuse for more surveillance of innocent people. Relying on media coverage and the court ruling, Joe explains:

“Corporal Russell also testified that officers typically collect identifying information and run warrant checks through MTA dispatch on every passenger who receives a citation for traveling without a fare ticket. Furthermore, when later asked, Corporal Russell answered in the affirmative that fare inspections are an apparatus to be able to check people for warrants.”

Transit police are using fare-skipping sweeps to collect identifying information on innocent commuters and check their criminal records.
“In fact, officers testified that fare inspections are used as a vehicle to conduct outstanding warrant searches. As the primary purpose was to “uncover evidence of ordinary criminal wrongdoing.”
While Joe is understandably pleased at the court ruling the practice unconstitutional, he correctly asks:
 why has this flagrant abuse of authority been allowed to go on for four years?
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