Aug 022010
 August 2, 2010  Posted by  Online

Mark Zuckerberg turned strangers’ intimate moments into riches. We turned the tables on the Facebook CEO, lurking outside his house, following him out with his girlfriend and pals, and to Chinese language lessons. America’s youngest billionaire got the paparazzi treatment.

For all the power and money in Silicon Valley, tech dons have managed to escape the sort of scrutiny the tabloid press brings to bear on the celebrities of Hollywood or the moguls of New York. Until now.


Zuckerberg seems to believe that “the age of privacy is over”; he said after a wave of Facebook privacy rollbacks that “we decided that these would be the social norms now.”

All in all, Facebook’s CEO doesn’t seem too preoccupied about your privacy, or about ours. Likewise, we weren’t bothered by the notion of tailing him around the Valley for a few days, or about sharing the experience with you.


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