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 September 3, 2015  Posted by  U.S., Workplace

Jill Kasparie reports:

Many city employees in Marion may soon be able to keep track of how many steps they take each day.

On Thursday, the Marion City Council will vote on whether to approve spending more than $19,000 for fitness trackers. The devices will be used as part of the city’s well-being program.

If the vote passes, the city will purchase 152 Fitbit devices, a popular brand of fitness tracking devices, for employees. They measure how many steps the wearer takes, along with heart rate, amount of calories burned and even the quality of the wearer’s sleep.

The city wants to encourage employees to stay healthy, so it’s going high-tech with the new devices.

Read more on KCRG.

So the city wants to encourage the employees to stay healthy. Great. But will city employees be required to wear the trackers? And will anyone be checking up on them?  What are the workplace privacy issues here, if any?


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