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More lessons not learned or deja vu all over again, if you remember the case of Karen Owen, a Duke co-ed whose rankings of her sexual partners in her life went viral a few years ago.  Rosa Golijan reports:

Thanks to the way embarrassing information spreads on the Internet, you may have already heard about a man who ranked and tracked his online dating prospects in a spreadsheet. What you might not be aware of though, is that one of the women whose name and contact information was publicized is considering legal action … against one of her spreadsheet sisters.

ABC News’ Christina Ng spoke to Liliana Beidaut, one of the women who appeared on a spreadsheet created by a fella named David Merkur. This spreadsheet was meticulously maintained and included notes on Merkur’s interactions with women he met on dating site Match.com. This document is now easy to find on the Internet because one of Merkur’s dates goaded him into e-mailing her a copy — a copy she forwarded to her friends.

Predictably, those friends forwarded the spreadsheet to their friends and so on. The whole thing — and all the personal information it contained — went viral in the blink of an eye.

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