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 October 24, 2010  Posted by  Online, Workplace

I tend to think that having clearly stated employee policies concerning social media use is a good thing. But can such policies go too far and step on privacy or free speech rights? A teachers’ association in Florida is claiming that that’s one such policy does. Christopher O’Donnell reports:

A local teachers union is taking on the Manatee School District over its plan to restrict how teachers use the Internet and social networking sites like Facebook in their personal time.

Manatee Education Association leaders this week filed a complaint with the state asking it to rule against the proposed policy.

They are also threatening to sue the district in civil court if the policy is enacted, arguing that the rules violate a teacher’s right to privacy and free speech.

The proposed policy prohibits teachers from communicating with students through sites like Facebook or with personal e-mail without parental permission, and from using the school district’s name in online forums.

Union leaders object to a section that prohibits teachers from posting pictures or comments that cast the district, teachers or students in a negative light even if done on their own computer in their own time.

Read more in the Herald Tribune.

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