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 December 11, 2009  Posted by  Breaches, Court, Surveillance

The L.A. Times and KTLA report:

An Illinois man has pleaded guilty to stalking ESPN reporter Erin Andrews and shooting videos of her that he posted on the Internet and tried to sell, federal authorities said today.

Michael David Barrett, 48, of Westmont, Ill., admitted that he had the intent to “harass or to cause substantial emotional distress” to Andrews and used the Internet to try to distribute his videos, according to a plea agreement entered in federal court in Los Angeles. He could face up to five years in federal prison.

Read more in the L.A. Times.

And Neil Best blogs:

The peeper creep who videotaped Erin Andrews without her knowledge is planning to plead guilty, and presumably is headed to prison.


Speaking of Ms. Andrews, it has been fascinating to observe the famously lawless blogosphere essentially close ranks since the Andrews video first surfaced and decide to leave the former page views queen alone in recent months.

We did owe it to her, but it’s difficult to get bloggers to agree on anything, let alone intentionally holding back on page views gold.

Read more on Watchdog.

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