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 March 23, 2019  Posted by  Breaches, Online, U.S., Youth & Schools

Cross-posted from because this is an important online privacy issue that parents and young people need to become more savvy about.

I missed this one when it first appeared, but it’s worth posting so that parents can once again remind their kids about online safety. Read the full news story on this one as it provides a lot of details about the hacker convincing the victim to give him the login credentials to her account, and what happened after she did that.  Even though the original perpetrator was caught, that student’s nude pictures were circulated to her friends and uploaded to the internet.  We really need to get young people to understand that uploading nude pictures of themselves to the internet, even if they think their account is locked or private, is way too risky.

Thomas Metevia reports:

A man has been arrested after paying a computer hacker to target a University of Central Florida student’s Snapchat account andv extort her for nude photos, according to the UCF Police Department.

John Thompson in May 2018 paid a computer hacker he found through the website 4chan to target his ex-girlfriend’s sister’s account in order to obtain nude pictures and videos, police said.

Read the whole report on Click Orlando.

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