Apr 182016
 April 18, 2016  Posted by  Court, Surveillance

Lana Shadwick reports:

A Hispanic man who lives in Laredo has filed a lawsuit against Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the state of Texas to stop a law that allows drone photos and video to be taken along the border. He says Mexicans are being racially targeted.

The lawsuit was filed in Webb County on Friday, the county seat of Laredo, Texas. Laredo is located on the north bank of the Rio Grande river in South Texas, south of San Antonio. The plaintiff, Manuel F. Flores, asks the court to take judicial notice that he lives less than 25 miles from the border.

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  One Response to “Man Claims Drone Photos on Border Unconstitutionally Target Mexicans, Files Lawsuit Against Texas”

  1. Mexicans are no more people of a single race than are Americans. The man filing this suit should be penalized for filing a frivolous claim.

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