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 May 23, 2016  Posted by  Business, Court

Katherine Proctor reports:

A federal judge partially certified a class who claim Facebook illegally mines private messages for advertising purposes, and instructed the class to revise its model for damages.

Lead plaintiff Matthew Campbell’s lawsuit, which could have major implications for privacy in Internet communications, is the first to claim that Facebook users have property rights in their Facebook messages.

Campbell sued Facebook in 2013, claiming it misrepresented the privacy of its messages. He said it scanned messages from one user to another in search of URLs to third-party sites, and used the information to drive up the number of Facebook “likes” on third-party pages.

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  One Response to “Major Facebook Privacy Case Moves Toward Trial”

  1. Has someone taken FB on photo encryption yet? There is no way photos are encrypted on Facebook. Anyone can right click and save on a photo to their phone and computer.d

    Fb says that privacy settings to yourself, customized is encrypted but it’s not

    This is my issue with Facebook that is making me consider deactivate

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