Jul 222015
 July 22, 2015  Posted by  Breaches

Benjamin Paulin reports:

Beating odds of 37 million to 1, a Brockton person appears to have been the first person outed by a group who hacked the website Ashley Madison, a matchmaking site intended for cheating spouses.

The parent company of Ashley Madison confirmed Sunday it was hacked and that the personal information of some of its users was posted online.

In a manifesto posted by the hacking group onto Ashley Madison’s website, a Brockton person’s name, profile ID, home address, email address and a “list of fantasies” was included in the message as an example of the information the hackers had allegedly obtained.

The hackers, who are demanding the site stop preying on people’s misery, appeared to have copied and pasted the Brockton person’s biography, which includes the person’s name, address, sexual preferences and much more information.

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