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 September 13, 2010  Posted by  Non-U.S., Surveillance

Sebo Daniels reports:

The Deputy Attorney General of the Republic of Liberia and Commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization, Col. C. Clarence Massaquoi has announced the re-introduction of national identity card ahead of the pending 2011 General and Presidential Elections.According to reports, the exercise is intended to streamline people living within the territorial confines of the country as a way of determining their nationality. Commissioner Massaquoi, who commented on the issue, said the necessary modalities are being put into place ahead of the national elections next year in a bid for all persons living or residing in the territorial confines of the country to be properly identified through the BIN data based system.


Before the Liberian civil war in the early 90s, the government of Liberia in collaboration with the BIN and other relevance government agencies introduced the national identification card scheme in a bid to take account of every person living in the territorial confine of the country. Unfortunately as a result of the civil war, the exercise was halted. Meanwhile, several persons who spoke to this paper on the reintroduction of the national ID card scheme have welcomed the initiative by the BIN. They said that similar practices were already taking place in most countries across the region and minimized some security risk for the nation.

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