Jun 092011
 June 9, 2011  Posted by  Court, Surveillance, Youth & Schools

Richard Ilgenfritz reports:

Lower Merion school officials are fighting back against the latest webcam suit that was filed this week by a former Harriton student.

Monday, Joshua Levin, a 2009 graduate of Harriton High School, filed a new lawsuit in connection with Lower Merion use of a technology that allowed certain school officials to activate the webcams on the laptop computers the schools issued to high-school students. Levin listed his address as Spruce Street in Philadelphia in court documents.

In a response to the suit, school officials say Levin is motivated by cash.

“The district views this lawsuit by a 2009 graduate as solely motivated by monetary interests and a complete waste of tax dollars,” district spokesman Doug Young wrote in an e-mail to Main Line Media News. “The former student’s computer was one of six that were stolen from school property in 2008 and eventually recovered by the Lower Merion police. No Lower Merion School District employee ever viewed the images recorded on the stolen laptop.”

Read more in The Times Herald.

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