Sep 292014
 September 29, 2014  Posted by  Misc

Tom Fox-Brewster reports:

A handful of Londoners in some of the capital’s busiest districts unwittingly agreed to give up their eldest child, during an experiment exploring the dangers of public Wi-Fi use.

The experiment, which was backed by European law enforcement agency Europol, involved a group of security researchers setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot in June.

When people connected to the hotspot, the terms and conditions they were asked to sign up to included a “Herod clause” promising free Wi-Fi but only if “the recipient agreed to assign their first born child to us for the duration of eternity”. Six people signed up.

Read more on The Guardian.

This study needs to be cited whenever businesses attempt to argue that “it’s in our TOS” as a reminder that people do not read the TOS before clicking “I accept.”

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