Feb 202010
 February 20, 2010  Posted by  Laws, Surveillance

Marshall Kirkpatrick writes:

Geolocation is quickly emerging as a big new platform to build all kinds of cool services on top of. While there’s a whole lot of potential – there’s also growing concern about the privacy implications of this flush of data about where we are. Thus it’s timely that a committee of the US House of Representatives is holding a hearing next week to investigate the issues between commercial use of location data and consumer privacy.


“It seems that over the years whenever LBS [location based system] technology makes advances into the consumer space the topic of privacy and security creeps up – and for good reason,” writes Glenn Letham of GISuser. Letham first spotted next week’s hearing titled Joint Hearing On “The Collection And Use Of Location Information For Commercial Purposes. (He describes his relationship with the hearing in comments below.) It is scheduled for next Wednesday at 10 AM EST.

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