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 October 2, 2014  Posted by  Business, Surveillance, Youth & Schools

Earlier today, I linked to a statement from EFF about ComputerCOP. Well, there’s been a reaction to EFF’s claims, it seems. Charles Molineaux reports:

… Dave Maass, with the Electronic Frontier foundation, said police across the country that have spoken out for Computer Cop are pushing a product that endangers security and privacy.

“This company has a business model that means going after law enforcement agencies and saying ‘hey, you can get a great PR moment,” said Maass.


Sheriff Blakely said, Computer Cop is spyware designed for parents to watch and protect their kids but said the system has been vetted.

“We have had the key logger checked out with our IT people. They have run it on our computer system.” He said. “There is no malware.”

That’s a pretty amazing statement, but let’s continue.

Blakely referred to the EFF criticism politics as an “Ultra-liberal organization that is not in any way credible on this. They’re more interested in protecting predators and pedophiles than in protecting our children.”

Oh, it’s for the kids! Well, then, that justifies everything, right?


Read more on WAFF.

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