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 March 6, 2015  Posted by  Surveillance

Security guards in public libraries? Seriously?

Joe Cadillic writes:

The picture above is one of many examples of how security guards are being transformed into a DHS run ‘police force’. Some states even have police patrolling libraries.

In Portland, Maine it’s not uncommon for security guard Marko Petrovich to uncover suspicious materials, like hypodermic needles and beer cans. Then the gumshoe work begins: Whodunnit? And sometimes whoever done it is still doing it. Long occupancy is call for suspicion. Spend too much time in the john and Petrovich will wind up in there with you, asserting in broken and unabashed English that “you not take shit forty-five minutes.”

Yup, now taking a long crap is deemed suspicious!  Is taking a 10 minute crap suspicious, are you s****ing me? What about two or three women going to the bathroom at the same time, now that’s SUSPICIOUS! I bet DHS would like surveillance cameras in every public bathroom.

This is getting absurd.

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