Feb 022010
 February 2, 2010  Posted by  Govt, Surveillance, U.S.

Eli Lake reports:

President Obama is coming under pressure from Democrats and civil liberties groups for failing to fill positions on an oversight panel formed in 2004 to make sure the government does not spy improperly on U.S. citizens.

The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board was recommended initially by the bipartisan September 11 commission as an institutional voice for privacy inside the intelligence community. Its charter was to recommend ways to mitigate the effects of far-reaching surveillance technology that the federal government uses to track terrorists.


On Friday, two leading Democrats — Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, and Rep. Jane Harman of California, chairman of that panel’s subcommittee on intelligence, information sharing and terrorism risk assessment — sent a letter to Mr. Obama demanding action.

Read more in The Washington Times.

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