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Executive Summary (Lex Mundi):

On behalf of Lex Mundi, it’s a pleasure to present you with our Data Privacy Trends and Topics 2023 report.

As businesses increase their use of data to drive commercial activity, jurisdictions across the globe are strengthening regulatory frameworks and increasing controls on the collection, use and storage of personal information.

Our network of member firm lawyers provides local expertise on anticipating regulatory risk to overcome these crossborder data and cybersecurity challenges.

This report was developed based on contributions from 53 Lex Mundi member firms and identifies regulatory challenges and key developments to keep abreast of during 2023. 55% of our contributing member firms confirmed that they anticipate significant changes to the data protection landscape in their jurisdictions during 2023.

We hope you enjoy the compilation. If you have further questions with respect to particular jurisdictions (whether
featured in this report or otherwise), feel free to connect with your local member firm or with the Lex Mundi team for further insights.

Bar graph showing areas of the world and whether changes in data protection laws are expected in 2023 or not. Asia and the Pacific anticipate the most changes.

Source: Global Trends in Data Privacy in 2023 (Lex Mundi)

Access the full report for free at Lex Mundi.

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