Jan 142011
 January 14, 2011  Posted by  Court

I hadn’t posted the beginning of this story to PogoWasRight.org because it wasn’t really privacy-related at the time, but last month I read a news story about how Lee Harvey Oswald’s original coffin was to be auctioned off.   Now, it seems, Lee Harvey Oswald’s brother has filed a lawsuit, claiming, among other things, privacy invasion.  Robert Kahn reports:

Lee Harvey Oswald’s brother has sued a funeral home and an auction house, claiming they sold the assassin’s original coffin, embalming table and records, and their mother’s funeral records, for more than $160,000, invading his  privacy and breaching contract. Robert Edward Lee Oswald sued the Baumgardner Funeral Home, Allen Baumgardner Sr. and Nate D. Sanders Inc. – the Los Angeles auction house – in Tarrant County Court, Fort Worth.

Read more on Courthouse News, where you can also read the 13-page complaint.

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