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 March 13, 2010  Posted by  Non-U.S., Online, Surveillance

Cory Doctorow writes:

In this leaked, six-page email, Richard Mollet, the Director of Public Affairs for the British Phonographic Institute (the UK’s record-industry lobbyists), sets out the BPI’s strategy for ramming through the Digital Economy Bill, a sweeping, backwards reform to UK copyright law that will further sacrifice privacy and due process in the name of preserving copyright, without actually preserving copyright.

Mollet’s memo, entitled “Digital Economy Bill weekly update 11 March 2010,” appears to be a weekly status report on the DEB’s progress. On the CC list are executives from major record labels, staff at IFPI (the international record industry lobby), PR agents from The Open Road, and others I don’t recognise (if you can identify others on the CC list, please post to the comments).

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