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 May 3, 2014  Posted by  Laws

Nicole Gaudiano reports:

A White House official who once worked for Sen. Patrick Leahy has poured some cold water on Leahy’s announcement that the president supports his bill to amend the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

In back-to-back tweets on Thursday, White House counselor John Podesta clarified that his White House working group’s review of major data and privacy policies released that same day doesn’t endorse any bill.

“My old boss @SenatorLeahy’s thanks are kind, but as I told him this AM, big data privacy recs are the authors'” and not President Barack Obama’s or the administration’s, he tweeted Thursday. He then added, “Our big data privacy report doesn’t take a position on a specific ECPA bill, but says we need to update the law.”

Read more on Burlington Free Press.

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