Feb 262011
 February 26, 2011  Posted by  Non-U.S., Online

Bill Henry reports:

Meaford officials now say they will not name the anonymous online blogger who they say maligned senior staff and the mayor during last fall’s election.

The municipality’s lawyers advise against releasing the information, chief administrator Frank Miele said.

Information obtained through two court orders has confirmed a single person created the blog Sept. 24, posted all of the content over about two weeks, and then closed the site down on Oct. 9.

“It’s one blogger, not a series of bloggers, just one blogger,” Miele said.

Throughout the investigation to track down the blogger, Meaford officials said they would eventually name the person. But Miele said the Municipal Freedom of Information and Privacy Act forbids that.

“Our lawyers are telling us we can’t,” Miele said. “We’re bound by the rules and regulations established by the provincial government.”

Miele said he’ll leave it to the public to apply under freedom of information laws to learn the blogger’s identity.

Read more in The Sun Times.

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