Sep 082010
 September 8, 2010  Posted by  Breaches, Court

Rene Stutzman has an interesting story  about a woman who sued Seminole County, Florida because she was jailed for a day after another woman had used her identity when she was arrested.

The innocent ID theft victim reportedly said, “”I was held there when they knew it was not me, then I was strip searched and treated like one of the inmates.”

Seminole County’s attorney says that the error wasn’t theirs, but it was Charlotte County’s fault for issuing the warrant.

Instead of suing Seminole, Shields should thank its employees for “doing a great job” in discovering the error and giving the information to a judge, who ordered Shields’s release April 25, 2002, the day after her arrest, defense attorney Tom Poulton said.

Read more in the Palm Beach Post.

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