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 July 2, 2009  Posted by  Court, Youth & Schools

On the same day that the U.S. Supreme Court limited the use of strip searches in the public schools, two young women filed an action in Jefferson County Court against a local middle school and several of its employees for using “grossly intrusive” methods to discover an alleged cache of marijuana. They were allegedly forced to unzip their pants, “lift up their bras … and jump up and down.”

Ashley N. Gaither and S.C., a minor, were 14 and 13, respectively, in 2005 when they say they were “arbitrarily singled out” while riding a Jefferson County Public Schools bus to Kammer Middle School in Louisville (KY), and then subjected to a day-long interrogation and humiliating searches without being allowed to call their parents.

Read more in Courthouse News.

The case is S.C. and Gaither v. Jefferson County Public Schools.

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