Nov 192012
 November 19, 2012  Posted by  Business, Court, Online, Youth & Schools

Ah yes, because we needed yet another potential class action lawsuit against Google. Melissa Maalouf writes:

On 11/15/12, a class action complaint was filed on behalf of a 16-year old child against Google, alleging that Google scans emails sent by minors for advertising purposes, which is in violation of federal and state laws (see A.K. v. Google, Inc., No: 3:12-cv-01179-GPM-PMF (S.D. Ill. 11/15/12). (S.D. Ill. 11/15/12).

Specifically, the complaint alleged that because Google uses age-screening mechanisms to prevent children under 13 from using its email services, it is aware of the age of all of its users, including users under the age of majority.

Read more on Law Across the Wire and Into the Cloud.  The lawsuit is based on ECPA and the Illinois Eavesdropping Statute.

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