Apr 192015
 April 19, 2015  Posted by  Laws, Non-U.S.

Here we go again – more surveillance with “flexible” regulations that can further erode privacy. The Law Council of Australia is trying to stop that train on the tracks. 

Rohan Pearce reports:

The Law Council of Australia has called for a bill that will increase the powers of the immigration department to collect biometric identifiers to not be passed before an assessment by the privacy commissioner of its impact.

Representatives of the Law Council appeared yesterday before a Senate inquiry into the Migration Amendment (Strengthening Biometrics Integrity) Bill 2015.

In addition to measures to combine separate personal identifier collection powers into a broader discretionary power, the bill provides what its explanatory memorandum describes as “flexibility” on the types of biometric identifiers that can be collected, allowing through regulation the expansion of types that can be collected, and the circumstances in which they are collected.

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