Oct 292014
 October 29, 2014  Posted by  Breaches, U.S., Workplace

Antoinette Konz reports:

Some Jefferson County teachers are upset after their names were included without their knowledge in a political advertisement sent to approximately 50,000 voters by the Jefferson County Teachers Association.

The advertisement – mailed by Better Schools Kentucky, the union’s political action committee – uses the name of 14 award winning teachers in Jefferson County Public Schools and states that they support each of the three candidates the union has endorsed in the election – Stephanie Horne in District 3, Linda Duncan in District 5 and Lisa Willner in District 6.

“I am very angry about this,” said Glenn Zwanzig, a science teacher at duPont Manual High School. “I was never contacted – no email, no phone call – and I was never asked for permission to use my name.”

DeeAnn Flaherty, executive director of JCTA, said Wednesday a “serious mistake” was made by one of her staff members whom she would not name.

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