May 122016
 May 12, 2016  Posted by  Breaches, Youth & Schools

Alison Booth reports:

The Shawnee Police Department is currently investigating the actions of a 17-year-old male student who allegedly took inappropriate cellphone photos and videos of female students without their consent at school.

According to an email from principal Tobie Waldeck directed toward students’ parents and guardians, the videos and photos recovered are considered a breach of privacy due to the close proximity at which they were taken.

Read more on Mill Valley News.

The allegations here are somewhat different than another recent news report where a student was investigated for taking pictures of female students in public spaces of the school. In this case, it sounds like there was some up-skirting going on. Whether this incident at Mill Valley High School will lead to disciplinary action or if it will be referred to law enforcement remains to be seen.

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