Feb 242015
 February 24, 2015  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Featured News, Non-U.S.

Jung Min-ho reports:

A civic group claimed Tuesday that E-mart and Lotte Mart illegally sold customers’ personal information to insurance firms alongside Home plus, which has already been accused of doing the same.

In a complaint filed with the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office, the Seoul YMCA said, “E-mart and Lotte Mart sold information on millions of their customers after collecting it through giveaway events.”

The prosecution is expected to soon launch an investigation into the claims.

Read more on Korea Times, where the report includes some figures on how much data was involved and what firm(s) received it.

Interestingly, in a class action lawsuit filed against Home plus over a similar situation, the plaintiffs are each demanding 300,000 won (about $270.00). While that number may seem small on an individual basis if you’re going to sue, it would be a lot more than most plaintiffs would get in a U.S. class action suit, other than named plaintiffs.

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