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Did you know that Apple lost a court judgement in South Korea recently that required it to pay because of inadequate security protection of data? What they paid was not particularly significant but that they lost in a South Korean court may be a harbinger of things to come:

 A lawyer here announced Thursday that he will lead a class action against Apple Inc. for violation of privacy with its iPhone “tracker” device.

All eyes are now on whether Apple will aggressively defend against the litigation, which may affect the majority of the country’s 3 million iPhone users and inflict billions of won in losses on the business giant.

According to Miraero law firm, one of its lawyers, Kim Hyeong-seok, launched the website www.sueapple.co.kr on Thursday and looked for people willing to join a fresh round of litigation against Apple to set an example of mobile privacy protection. The website was shut down due to heavy traffic.

Kim’s moves came a couple of weeks after he won a ruling from Changwon District Court last month ordering Apple to pay him 1 million won ($925) for lax management of its information gathered through the tracker service.

Read more on Korea Herald.

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