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 April 3, 2013  Posted by  Laws

Nicole Ozer of the ACLU of Northern California writes:

When you search online, shop, or use a mobile app, do you know what personal information is being collected about you and your family?  Any idea just how much sensitive information about your location, health, finances, religion, sexual orientation, buying habits, and more is ending up in the hands of data brokers, online advertisers, applications, and other third parties?  And how it is being used and potentially abused? We don’t know a lot about what’s happening behind the scenes to our own personal information and many companies want it to stay that way.

That’s why the ACLU of California is teaming up with leading domestic violence advocates, women’s groups, sexual health organizations, and civil liberties and consumer privacy groups to support the California Right to Know Act – AB 1291 (Lowenthal D- Long Beach).

The Right to Know Act will work like this: you ask a company what personal information that they have about you and what companies they have shared it with, and they tell you. It’s that simple.  It will modernize current California privacy law so that we can monitor how our personal information is collected and shared in the modern digital age.

It’s time for the Right to Know Act.

Read more on their blog.

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