Nov 152010
 November 15, 2010  Posted by  Business, Surveillance

Molly McHugh reports:

Microsoft has hinted at the Kinect’s ability to help advertises target its users by feeding them demographic data, but is it just an idea, or will future users be watched?

Everyone who’s attempted any of the dance or sports games for Kinect knows about that horrible part where the game shows you…you. That motion sensor you think you’re controlling? It records everything you’ve been doing, and much to your chagrin, shows you the embarrassing footage.

Apparently it’s more than just embarrassing users, it’s spying on them – or rather, might in the future.

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There’s more over on The Escapist:

Microsoft has moved to assuage fears that Kinect might do more than just let you play games.

Microsoft has issued a statement saying that it isn’t using Kinect to collect information about users so that it can personalize advertising content. This comes after Dennis Durkin, who is the COO and CFO of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, suggested that that was exactly what the Kinect hardware could be used for.


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