Nov 092011
 November 9, 2011  Posted by  Laws, Non-U.S.

ARTICLE 19 finds the Draft Kenya Data Protection Bill 2009 currently undergoing internal review and stakeholder consultation to be critically limited and calls on the Constitution Implementation Commission to revise it to be in line with acceptable international standards on the right to freedom of expression and freedom of information.

ARTICLE 19 submitted its comments on the Draft Kenya Data Protection Bill 2009 (draft bill) to the Constitution Implementation Commission of Kenya (CIC) in October 2011.


ARTICLE 19 believes that data protection and freedom of information are complimentary (sic) rights designed to empower the citizen to protect their rights and to improve the transparency of both public and private bodies. ARTICLE 19 supports the adoption of well-crafted data protection laws that protect individuals’ rights while ensuring government transparency and freedom of expression.

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