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The World Privacy Forum has a short video and other educational materials for parents to explain why and how parents should exercise their right to protect their children’s privacy by opting them out of directory information.

School is starting soon (in some areas, it’s already started), and you only have a brief window of time to exercise the right to opt-out of directory information.

Watch the video and then don’t delay – take action to opt-out!

You can find more information on opting out of directory information on the World Privacy Forum site and on Opt-out forms that you can print out and use can be found on WPF’s site, here.

NOTE: Opt-out from directory information has nothing at all to do with opting out of Common Core testing. The directory information opt-out issue concerns what information about your child their school can share with others without your consent. Each year, your child’s district must notify you as to what information they consider “directory information” and they must provide you with a form and an opportunity to exercise your right to opt-out of directory information sharing.

Also note that the directory information opt-out form only opts you out of directory information, and you may need to file separate opt-out forms for other purposes. For example, the NYC Department of Education shares information about your child with the National Student Clearinghouse, and has a separate opt-out form if you do not want your child’s information shared with them. Similarly, there is yet another opt-out form if you do not want your child’s information shared with the military.

And do note that all districts are required to give you the opportunity to opt your child out of some activities that may involve very sensitive information.

Vigilance, parents, vigilance. Protect your child’s privacy by opting-out where you can. Start with directory information.

Great thanks to the World Privacy Forum and Sheila Kaplan of for educating parents on this and making helpful materials available.

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  1. Keep Your Kid’s Info Safe: Opt Them Out of Public School Entirely.
    Invariably, someone will point out that they went to “public” school, and got a good education. Just as invariably, the person making this claim is a statist, which is exactly the flaw in their claim. You wouldn’t expect to let the Taliban school your child without indoctrinating him, so why is it such a radical observation that when any government controls schooling, the result is a person indoctrinated into statism? My appreciation for education explains my opposition to “public” schooling.

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