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Blade M. Allen writes:

In the early morning hours on July 7, 1997, a woman, M.C., was raped in her apartment in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Chris McKee & Stephanie Chavez, Albuquerque Man Arrested in Connection with a 1997 Rape Cold Case, KRQE (Dec. 21, 2021). M.C. lived with her cat on the northeast side of the city. Id. That morning she opened a door to let her cat inside and that’s when Edward Gilbert Duran forcefully entered her apartment. Id. Duran held M.C. at knifepoint while he sexually assaulted her. Id. After the assault, she notified the Albuquerque Police and was eventually examined by a sexual assault nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Id.see also Tierna Unruh-Enos, How Forensic Genealogy Solved a 1997 Cold Case Rape, Albuquerque News (Dec. 21, 2021). The nurse collected DNA evidence of the assault by performing a rape kit evaluation on M.C. McKee & Chavez, supra. Police were unable to uncover any leads or potential suspects and the rape kit was never tested. The kit and the DNA evidence collected sat for 20 years as a part of the rape kit backlog in New Mexico that grew to over 5,000 untested rape kits across the state. Id.

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